About Us

Home Bound Custom Decor is a small business owned by husband and wife based in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 2019, Home Bound strives to offer unique, hand-crafted, and personalized goods for all of life’s occasions.

Whether you’re looking for a gift, for a housewarming, birthday, wedding, or just home decor, we got you covered!  

We aim to source high quality finished and unfinished goods to create custom pieces. From concept to design, manufacturing and marketing, and packaging and shipping, our small team manages everything from start to finish. 

Since the start of our business, Home Bound has always believed in supporting others and giving back. We make it a priority each and every year to: create and donate complimentary products for charitable raffles and events; donate a percentage of profits to charity, buy from other small businesses, and adopt a family and children during the holidays.

Without you, Home Bound would not be possible. Thank you for your support by shopping at our small business!