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Engraved Recipe Wooden Board

Engraved Recipe Wooden Board

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This personalized cutting board turns a family recipe into a cherished heirloom. Immortalize your favorite recipes engraved in Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandma’s, or Grandpa’s actual writing!

Custom engraved cutting board turns a beloved recipe into a treasured gift.
+ Never pull out a recipe book – impress people with your cooking skills!
+ Both practical and nostalgic! Not made for food use or cutting. 

Board measures 18” x 8” and is 3/4” thick. Recipes will be centered on the board. 

Take a photo or scan of your recipe and upload it in .JPG or .PNG format.

If your recipe is on the front and back of a notecard/paper, please upload both sides of the recipe and we will combine the two images into one and print them together on one side of the board.


- Place your recipe on a well lit, flat surface, to take the photo
- Try to avoid casting any shadows on the recipe
- If the writing is faded or not legible, make a photocopy of the recipe, then 
  trace over the writing with dark ink
- Make sure the picture or scan is clear, bright, and not blurry

Please note that since these are machine and custom engraved, there will be slight variations in each board. We will try to keep the integrity of the original image in tact as much as possible, but there may be slight imperfections when the machine engraves it.

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